Witney Motor Club
A Club for Motor Sport Enthusiasts in West Oxfordshire
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Contact any of the committee:
Simon Bradley
07970 134990
Vice Chairman 
Jimmy Milligan
07810 885072
James Hall
07766 335493

Membership Secretary
Mark Bradley
07972 110430

Sue Williams
07880 737911

Comprtition Secretary
Dan Adderley
07342 677994
About Witney

Road Rallying


While very specialised cars are required for top-level special stage rallying, unmodified, everyday cars can be used for simple road events, making this one of the cheapest forms for motor sport available.


The essence of this type of event is to maintain a time schedule through a series of control points by following route instructions which often put a great emphasis on navigation.


These events take place on normal public roads, almost always at night. All competing cars must be properly taxed, tested and insured.
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