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(It'l be alruight)
(I wear a Tie Rallying)
(The funny man with a beard and a Lada!)

Martin Madge 27 Feb 1951 - 10 June 2011
Father to Lindsey, Natalie, Daniel & Robert.
Divorced from Lynn - in a relationship with Val.

Madge in Pictures
Martin at The Conrinium Run 2011
Martin's 60th Birthday 21 Feb 2011
Val & Martin taken on 9th April 2011
Simon Bradley & Martin Madge on the way to 4th Overall on the Bullnose Rally 4th Sept 2010.
Martin Madge Autotesting Dave Smith's Midget - Guess the year!
A typical Martin smile! with his ex wife Lynn at Nicky & Steve's Graham's wedding, quite a few years ago!
I think we need to get that Suit and put on E-Bay, and somebody give him a comb!
Once again at Steve & Nicky's wedding and as always  Martin's still smiling! ( I defy anybody to find me a photo of Martin not smiling!) 
In this photo: Colin Di & Helen Green, Andy Grain, Tracy Holifield, Martin and Lynn Madge.
And I believe Neil & Julie Clack?
Martin working his long hours did tend to doze off occaisonally!
Funny Man in a Lada!
And Again!
Andy Corner - Tribute!
Any photos of Martin not looking so happy to:
Loving the pictures, anymore to info@witneymotorclub.co.uk PLEASE!
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