Witney Motor Club
A Club for Motor Sport Enthusiasts in West Oxfordshire
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Simon Bradley
07970 134990
Vice Chairman 
Jimmy Milligan
07810 885072
James Hall
07766 335493

Membership Secretary
Mark Bradley
07972 110430

Sue Williams
07880 737911

Comprtition Secretary
Dan Adderley
07342 677994
About Witney
The Morning After Trophy
The Cupid's Trophy
Simon Bradley & Brian Pegram
The Presidents Cup & The Presidents Novice Trophy
The Duckhams Trophy
The Golden Wellies Trophy
1st Rob & Sue 32, 2nd Craig & Claire 29, 3rd Simon 28, 4th Camilia, Peter & Jane 27, 5th Bob & Margaret 24. 
The D'Arcy Miall Trophy
The Dave Bradley Memorial Autotest
Treasure Hunt Round 1
1st Daniel Camilla & Oliver 2nd Steve & Helen, 3rd Dan Jess & Leo, 4th = Jane & Peter, Vinney & Lucinda 6th Don & Mary
Treasure Hunt Round 2
1st Steve & Helen - 40, Dan Jess, Leo & Kiya - 39, Craig & Claire - 30, Bob & Margaret 34.
The TA Titherington Trophy
Dan Adderley
The Godfrey & Claridge Trophy 
The Kempster Cup
Simon Bradley
The Jack Wharton Cup
No winner 2011
The Triple M's Racing Marshalls Challange Trophy
Sue Williams
The Batts Trophy
Steve & Helen Boyle
  The WMC Sheild
The Joan Ford Ladies Challange Trophy
Sue Williams
The Hogben Hall Shield
Jimmy Milligan
The Kernahan Garages Trophy
Simon Bradley
The Madge's Tray
 No winner 2011
Pegs Pot
The Buttercross Shield
No winner 2011
The Ladies D'Arcy Miall Trophy
 No winner 2011
The Mick Warman Motor Services Trophy
Craig Abbott
The Stuart Tait Silver Jubilee Cup
Mark Tredwell
The Ralph Claridge Memorial Trophy
Mark Bradley
The Autobits Trophy
Results from the autotest on Sept 25th 2011 at Manor Farm,Islip.
FTD Dan Adderley
1st in class Will Trinder
Ist novice Mark Bradley
1st Dan Adderley
2nd Will Trinder
3rd Jimmy Milligan
4th Simon and Mark Bradley=
6th Craig Abbott
7th John Henman
8th Andrew Marlow
Competition was close yet again, with John and Andrew losing touch a little through the two wrong tests rule.
Mark was fastest on one test, and beat his Dad a couple of times-sounds like the yound pretender is ready to take the throne!
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