Car Trials

Car Trials along with Auto Tests is one of the cheapest motor sports to take part in and is an excellent entry into motor sport.

Car trials are a test of skill and control at low speeds.

Car trials are held on grassy slopes and the aim is to get as far up the hill as possible.

The tests are marked out with numbered poles and usually have some twists and turns to make upward progress more challenging.

Scoring is carried out by the Marshal on each test who records the number of penalties incurred by how far you climbed the hill, or zero if you complete it. Penalties are given if you make contact with one of the marker poles.

There are classes for a wide range of cars, from standard unmodified road going cars to specially built specials for trialling. Standard road tyres must be used. Tyres marked mud and snow or winter are banned. Tyre pressures are adjusted to level up between types of car and between novice and expert drivers.