Witney Motor Club was founded in October 1963. It was a result of an advert placed in the Local paper, “The Witney Gazette” by Mr. Arthur Titherington.

The advert read something like:

“Is anybody interested in forming a Motor Club in Witney”

The reaction to this advert was sufficient to form a committee.

This committee recruited interested parties and organised a calendar of events.

The club had a response and the club went from strength to strength.

The committee organised events and club members attended. Some of the well known names in Motor Sport started with Witney Motor Club.

Sad Death of Club Founder – Arthur Titherington October 2010

Arthur Titherington
Much mourned club founder.

Arthur and I first met some 60 odd years ago, when he was a young soldier just released from the hell of the Japanese prison camp. You will probably read much of him and his 50 odd year battle to obtain some small recompense for what he and his mates went through. At the time we first met Arthur was teaching boxing at Witney Boys Club and I was trying to learn.

Several years later I’d just returned from my army service and was getting into motor sport again when I met Arthur in the High Street. “Hey Brian do you fancy having a go at getting the Witney Motor Club going again?”

Too right I did. It was complicated because of the old Witney Motor Circle and Car Club still being in existence but not actually running. 

Sitting in Arthur’s studio over his shop on that first night we began to despair as we were the only two people that had turned up. “OK Brian, we tried” said Arthur. “I’ll be member no.1 and you can be no. 2” (I still am). Just as we were about to pack it in, people began to arrive until we had about 16 I think. Peg can tell you as he still has my old signing on sheet for that first evening. Soon Arthur had one of the new Cortina MK1GT and Ron Grimsley a MK1 Cortina Lotus. Witney was on the motoring map. Arthur made sure it stayed there.

We had our committee meetings at Arthur and Iris’s lovely home at Oriel House with Arthur as the first chairman.

The club grew so fast it was hard to keep up with it. Our first road rally netted us some 160 entries! At one time Witney Motor Club had Great Britain’s BTRDA Gold star Autotest champion, the BTRDA Gold Star Stage Rally champion, the Clubmans Stage Rally champion & it’s Stage Rally Co Drivers champion. 

The Club still has a wonderful blend of madmen, enthusiasts, great marshal’s, keen as mustard members, all down to Arthur’s start off. 

Give it some welly old mate. Keep it flat out. I was honoured to call you friend. 

Brian Fox